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7 March 2013 13:30

[Forbes Magazine/UA] Interview with CEO

16 February 2013 12:10

AR23D Studio, leading AR developer, has attracted investments, round А

3 January 2013 11:11

AR Panoramas released!

5 November 2012 11:11

“Bugs Mayhem” has gotten the third place as the best Augmented Reality app of 2012 at Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards!

1 November 2012 11:11

AR23D enters TOP-10 most promising start-ups teams of UAnet at “IDCEE 2012. Internet Technologies and Innovations”

20 September 2012 11:11

Bugs Mayhem - Augmented Reality Game released!!

1 July 2012 10:00

Exclusive joint venture partnership with GPIXA Digital Arts(North America)!

30 May 2012 11:11

GlorAR - is a first Augmented Reality browser for 3D objects based on GPS coordinates!

14 February 2012 10:00

A lot of work. Lack of time to write news ;=)

28 October 2011 10:11

AR23D Studio and our technologies were demonstrated on IDCEE (the main IT Conference in Eastern Europe)

25 October 2011 10:30

AR Jewelry for Android released!

10 October 2011 14:00

AR23D Studio Announces Availability of Augmented Reality SDK for iOs 4.0(iPhone, iPad2, iPod), Android 2.2+ and Android 3.0+

14 September 2011 10:00

AR23D Studio forms Partnership with Proximity Blue/Browser Based Solutions Inc, New York(USA).

12 September 2011 10:00

New videos of our projects for iPhone, iPad2, Android, Android Tablet, Symbian and Windows!

23 June 2011 11:00

AR Jewelry for iPhone - Demonstration of products (jewelry) using the 3D Augmented Reality technology.

11 May 2011 10:11

Successfully completed development of Snap2Talk. It is based on face recognition technology and Facebook API!

05 March 2011 10:11

Successfully completed development and deployment of commercial products based on our technologies Augmented Reality for iPhone and Android!


My Dragon Toy is a real funny dragon who can fly and is always with you in Augmented Reality! Unprecedented realistic approach! Play with it! Touch it with your finger! Like it! Feed it! Direct it!


AR Panoramas is an app which allows to sell and to demonstrate products and services using 3d panoramas and Virtual&Augmented reality technology


Bugs Mayhem - Truly realistic! Shoot bugs and mosquitos, don't hurt butterflies, take part in the competition and fully enjoy our augmented reality technology! Please, don't throw your iPad/iPhone/iPad at insects - remember that they are virtual! :)


GlorAR - is a first augmented reality browser which allows to place 3d objects and other related content (video, audio,text) in space based on GPS coordinates. GlorAR is not based on any markers and images - just on GPS coordinates!


AR Jewelry is developed by AR23D Studio for demonstration of technologies of the company in the field of 3D Augmented Reality for use in such areas as sale, promotion and entertainment.


Complete technology which allows to demonstrate 3D models and animations on mobile phone in "real world". Our own technology( AR Engine and 3D Engine).


Completely new approach to commenting articles in magazines and discussion of people based on face recognition technologies. The project is integrated with Facebook API.


Unified solution (client-server) which allows to post ads in magazines, at exhibitions and in newspapers. Ads viewing (as 3D models and animation) is done in 3D Augmented Reality on the phone with the most popular platforms (iPhone/Android/iPad/Nokia).